About company

Dalmoon Investment & Real Estate was established in Riyadh in 2000 and was established as a result of accumulated experience in the field of contracting and residential and commercial real estate. In addition, the company has established various industrial and commercial projects inside and outside the Kingdom for more than 35 years and in several Saudi cities. Food, information technology and private schools owned by the group.

The work of the group is based on two main parts:

1- The various commercial investments (food industries, chemical industries, private schools, computer technology, construction and operation of factories, commercial and industrial consultations, date trade, coffee and nuts, business consultancy, etc.)

2 – The various real estate investment activities include but not limited to (buying and selling commercial land, investment of various commercial land for the purpose of setting up projects with long-term contracts, real estate mediation, building trade fairs, real estate consultancy, etc.)

And as the contracting is the beginning under the name of the work of Dilmon for investment and real estate in the city of Riyadh for villas and residential data to develop to build commercial and office complexes and trade fairs and then the ownership of land for the purpose of construction on the roads and the main streets of major cities as well as hotels and furnished apartment buildings and Schools and others.

Due to the diverse needs and requirements of the real estate market in general, we have entered into the commercial land investment from the owners directly for the purpose of setting up different projects according to the needs and requirements of the site.

We are keen to understand the needs and requirements of the real estate and investment market.

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